Muffler Repairs and Install, Shocks and Performance Tuning

Muffler and Exhaust

Harvey’s Muffler and Shocks is the only shop in the Prince George area that specializes in complete custom exhaust systems – including dual exhaust, 4” and 5” systems for diesel trucks, and shocks and struts. We believe that no task is impossible and strive to meet each customer’s needs. In fact, we’ve been creative by building custom exhaust systems and other pipes with unique requests from our patrons. We enjoy spending time with our clients and encourage them to learn about their vehicles and how they operate, helping them feel safer while being eco-friendly as well.

Exhaust Manifolds

An exhaust system is the combination of pipes and parts from the exhaust manifold on the motor to the muffler at the rear of your vehicle. It plays a unique role by ensuring the engine’s harmful emissions are guided out of the vehicle. Exhaust systems can wear out for a variety of reasons. Manufacturer materials, weather, temperature, road conditions, vehicle usage, and the state of the exhaust’s inner workings all play a role in the life expectancy of an exhaust system. The major cause for failure is internal corrosion when the engine and the exhaust system are not given enough time to warm up completely to allow the evaporation of the harmful by-products of the engine. At Harvey’s Muffler we also specialize in mufflers and exhaust systems. For muffler repair and exhaust repair, we have the ability to replace the entire exhaust system or just a portion of it. Replacing only the worn out section of the exhaust system saves you more time and money. We specialize in Exhaust Manifold Repairs and Replacement where necessary. We remove broken studs from the engine head as well as the exhaust outlet end of the manifold.

We stock a large selection of Exhaust Manifolds on site.

Shocks & Struts

You don’t need to see oil leaking on the outside of the shock housing to know that it’s time to change your shocks or struts. Manufacturers recommend changing them after 80,000 km which equals 87 million times a shock or strut has moved. Shocks and struts not only help reduce vibrations, they dramatically improve braking and steering. New shocks keeps weight on both sets of wheels, picking up about 15 to 20 feet on your stopping distance. This helps to reduce wear and tear on your brakes so you don’t have to replace them as often. Replacing your shocks will prevent early wear out of other parts like ball joints, front end parts, and brakes – saving you money and making your vehicle safer.

Heavy Duty

At Harvey’s Muffler, we specialize in heavy duty muffler and exhaust repair. Prince George businesses know to turn to our skilled mechanics for mining equipment repair, logging equipment repair, highway tractor repair, and more. No matter what your commercial or industrial muffler repair or replacement needs are, we are here to serve you!

In order to support the growing truck and heavy equipment industry needs of the North, Harvey’s has installed a huge selection of exhaust parts, pipes, flex pipes and seal clamps in order to keep the industry wheels turning. We have mandrel bends from 2″ through 6″, from 15 degree through 90 degree for any application that is required by our customers. In order to be responsive to our customers needs we have quadrupled our stock levels to allow us to service our customers quickly. In addition, unique bends can usually be purchased within 24 hours.


All of the products we use at Harvey’s Muffler & Shocks ensure the highest quality so your vehicle can perform at its best. Whether it’s top of the line air filters, custom made pipes, or specialty performance systems, we can customize your vehicle to a new level.

We stock and sell Dynomax, MagnaFlow, or Thrush high performance mufflers and can finish your job with or without stainless steel tips. If there are other brands you’d like to use, we can order it and accommodate your request.

We stock some Cat-Back systems by Dynomax and Magnaflow for those who do not want a true dual exhaust system, or when the vehicle’s body style limits us.

We would love the opportunity to show you what can be done with your vehicle if you are not sure what will fit or what you may want to have installed.

Dual Exhaust Systems

There are many benefits to having a true dual exhaust system besides changes in tone and aesthetic appeal. Dual exhaust pipes can increase your vehicle’s performance with more horsepower which creates better gas mileage.

Harvey’s Muffler has a long history of building quality custom dual exhaust systems in Prince George, BC. Even with newer cars and pickups we can build a system and keep the integrity of the emissions system together which is under warranty by the manufacturer. Duals can also allow you to power a throatier exhaust system to get that ‘vrooming’ sound you may want.

We can create a custom design and build dual exhaust up to three inches in diameter using either stainless steel or aluminized tubing and mufflers. Aluminized metal is one-third less expensive than stainless steel. Although aluminized tubing lasts only 70%  as long as stainless steel, you could buy three aluminized systems for the price of one stainless steel system, which is a huge price advantage.

A True Dual Exhaust System

We can install a “True Dual” on most vehicles. What is a True Dual? It is one that has 2 exhaust pipes, 2 mufflers and 2 tail pipes from the exhaust ports of your engine. This true dual exhaust means you get more horsepower and better fuel mileage. People see two tail pipes on their vehicle and think they have a dual exhaust. In most cases they have one muffler with two outlets which does not give an increase in power because it is still a single exhaust system. Come in to Harvey’s and we will show you the difference and true sound you will get out of a True Dual Exhaust System.