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Exhaust Systems

As the world’s leading automotive exhaust system producer, Walker carries a complete line of emission control products to meet every customer’s need. From exact fitting mufflers, catalytic converters, pipes and resonators, to all kinds of accessories, Walker designs its components to work together ensuring an efficiently functioning exhaust system and improving your vehicle’s overall performance.

Walker Quiet-Flow SS

100% structural stainless steel construction resists rust-out three times longer than competitor’s premium aluminized mufflers.

Walker SoundFX

Walker® SoundFX® direct-fit and universal mufflers provide a quality repair alternative, at a competitive price.

Universal Fit

Walker TRU-FIT Mufflers feature 100% aluminized steel construction for corrosion resistance, durability and longer life. Walker PRO-FIT Mufflers feature spot-welded bushings for stability and support.

Catalytic Converters

Walker offers quality direct-fit and universal converters that comply with EPA and CARB requirements.

The Best Muffler Brands

Walker mufflers are designed to effectively control, absorb, and reduce noise while steering exhaust through the body and out the tailpipe, providing long lasting durability and improved exhaust flow.

A division of Walker, Dynomax offers a wide selection of mufflers from high functioning street and race mufflers to custom mufflers that maximize your vehicle’s power and performance.

Another division of Walker, Thrush mufflers has been a principal player for hot rodders for 40 years. They bring together power and sound through their stainless steel, welded, turbo, and glasspack mufflers.

With 25 years under their belt, MagnaFlow field tests each new muffler and exhaust system, ensuring quality and performance criteria are met.

Flowmaster carries more than 400 models of mufflers for performance street cars, muscle cars, hot rods trucks, RV’s, motor homes, and race cars with several sound level options to fit your needs.

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Walker Exhaust Systems
Flowmaster Mufflers

Shocks & Struts

With more than 80 years experience building shocks and struts, Monroe goes above and beyond to build innovative and safe products ensuring the best handling of your vehicle for a stable, comfortable and safe ride.

Monroe Shocks and Struts


A clean exhaust system will improve your gas mileage and vehicle performance.

Heavy Duty

Today’s fleets of medium and heavy duty trucks are older and require more maintenance at a higher frequency due to age and mileage. At Harvey’s Muffler we offer a broad range of exhaust and emission products to assist you in meeting your heavy duty exhaust repair and maintenance needs. From specially designed mufflers to exhaust pipes and accessories, we have the parts to complete almost any job in the fleet garage. Our experienced fabricators truly enjoy the challenge of creating job specific pipes!

We have mufflers in stock for tractors, drill rigs, logging trucks, buses, R/V’s, generators and heavy duty equipment of all sizes. Our huge heavy duty inventory allows us to fulfill almost every request we have within hours of being asked.

Performance Systems

True Custom Dual Exhaust Systems
Noise does not directly relate to horsepower. We can customize your True Dual Exhaust System to give you the horsepower you want, with the noise level you desire. This can be done by choosing the right muffler for your needs and choosing the correct tubing size to give you the system you want. Talk to any of our Prince George exhaust specialists about your Custom True Dual System.

Custom Single Exhaust System
By changing your muffler and/or changing the tubing size, Harvey’s Muffler can give you increased horsepower for your car. By selecting the right muffler, you can increase your vehicle’s horsepower and get the exhaust tone you want from your system. As every customer’s desires are different, we have a large inventory from which to choose the right product for you.

Magna-Flow Performance Kits for Diesel Trucks and More
As MagnaFlow has a huge name for performance exhaust kits, we now carry a large inventory of their products for our customers. Their 4” and 5” diesel kits get more horsepower and torque for your pickups. We can help you choose the right kit for your needs. At the same time, dress up your exhaust system with our Stainless Exhaust Tips.

Other Products & Accessories

O2 Sensors

Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensors lower emissions and improve fuel economy.

Steel Exhaust Tips

Dynomax, MagnaFlow and Big Country’s polished stainless steel double or single walled tips last five times longer than chrome tips and come with a limited warranty against defects.

Pipes and Tubing

Walker Quick-Fit pipes are designed with all the difficult bends included to fit your vehicles specific needs.

Air Filters

K&N non-disposable air filters are designed to increase engine performance, improve gas mileage and last as long as your vehicle does.

Catalytic Converters

Featuring the RIGHT loading of precious metals, the proper catalyst material and design, and a high-technology washcoat, providing enhanced oxygen storage capacity.

Wiper Blades

Bosch Micro Edge windshield wiper blades are corrosion resistance and offer crystal clear visibility in almost any weather.


Current owners have been in business since 1977. Harvey’s Muffler is celebrating their 40th anniversary as the premium muffler shop in Prince George.