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With the Earth’s future in question from pollution’s role in global warming, having a properly functioning exhaust system can lessen your vehicle’s impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Having a faulty catalytic converter or Oxygen Sensor and/or a restricted air filter will increase the harmful emissions your vehicle lets out into the atmosphere. A catalytic converter literally converts harmful gases into non-toxic carbon dioxide and water vapor, and is the most effective way to curtail pollutants from escaping your exhaust system. A catalytic converter works to purify the air by burning off impurities produced from the engine thus protecting the environment from unnecessary harm.

Fuel Economy

With gas prices constantly on the rise, it’s important a vehicle burns gas efficiently so it’s not wasteful. Having a clean exhaust system will not only improve your gas mileage, but it will also improve your vehicle’s overall performance.

From the exhaust manifold on the motor to catalytic converter all the way through to the muffler at the rear, and all the piping between, the exhaust system is underrated, yet essential to ensuring environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency.

Oxygen (O2) Sensors

One of the smallest and lesser known parts of the exhaust system is the oxygen sensor. They play a vital role in determining how fuel is burned by modifying the ratio of fuel to oxygen for a more effective burn that promotes better gas mileage. O2 sensors ensure your vehicle runs to the best of its ability. When worn out they can radically reduce your gas mileage and horsepower while releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

It is recommended that you change your O2 sensors at the least every 48,000 km and the new types at 160,000 km. Come to Harvey’s Muffler & Shocks and we will check your recommended mileage for O2 sensor replacement.

Why should I replace my oxygen sensor?
A worn out sensor wastes fuel, lessens the life of a catalytic converter, increases air pollution and causes engine performance problems such as hesitating and surging.
When should I change my oxygen sensors?
Every vehicle’s sensor has a different life span from 50,000 up to 160,000 km and by changing your worn out O2 sensor you will ensure the best gas mileage for your vehicle.
When should I change my catalytic converter?
As most vehicles converters have different life spans, which fall between 80,000 and 240,000 km, we recommend changing your catalytic converter when your vehicle’s converter reaches its maximum useful lifespan to improve your horsepower, gas mileage and to reduce the amount of harmful emissions emitted from your exhaust system.
How much more horsepower will my diesel get if I change to a 4 inch exhaust system?
A four inch system will give you approximately 8 to 15 more hp and 25 to 45 more ft. lbs. of pulling torque.
How can I increase my horsepower?
You can install a dual exhaust system if your vehicle permits, or you can install a larger single exhaust system. Replacing your worn out oxygen sensors can also help boost your horsepower and gas mileage.
I want a deeper tone exhaust. How can I make it happen?
Change the style of your muffler. Various muffler chamber designs allow for a range of tones to suit your preference.
Why should I replace my shocks or struts?
Shocks and struts provide safety ensuring your tires stay on the road. Worn shocks and struts can affect your ability to steer around objects, reduce your stopping distance and can create excessive bounce, roll and sway.
Do you do brakes and other front end work?

At Harvey’s Muffler & Shocks we specialize exclusively in mufflers, shocks, and exhaust systems to provide our customers with the best service and premium products by specializing in these products only.

As a convenience, we have an after hours drop box if you are unable to bring your vehicle to us during business hours. Harvey’s Muffler is safe and we want you to feel comfortable leaving your car with us for servicing. Our Prince George muffler repair technicians will take excellent care of your vehicle and make sure you are kept up to date on repairs and services.

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