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Serving Prince George for 42 Years
The faces at Harvey’s Muffler & Shocks haven’t changed much over the years, which we think is a good thing. In fact, the least experienced employee at our Prince George muffler shop has been with us for almost 30 years!

Our manager Bob has been with Harvey’s Muffler for over 37 years, running the front end of the business with Kelly and John Enemark. Behind the scenes are the knowledgeable and creative installers, Hilder, Maurice and Clay.

The original Harvey’s Muffler Shop was established by Harvey Poniuc in March, 1973. Most of our current customers want to know why it is not called John’s Muffler Shop. Harvey ran the shop for four years until John’s parents, John and Kathleen Enemark, bought it in 1977.

In 1980, John Sr. encouraged his oldest son, John III, to buy into the business and take over the operations so John Sr. could retire again and John Jr. has been successfully running Harvey’s Muffler & Shocks ever since.  John intends to be at the front counter for many years to come – so come in and meet him!

The family business has thrived and grown at its original location in Prince George, BC and shows no signs of slowing down. In 1995, John Jr. expanded the business by building a second floor for parts storage, an office, and lunchroom for the crew. The addition more than doubled the usable working space, allowing for Harvey’s Muffler on-going growth. Everyone at Harvey’s Muffler enjoys the work they do and ensures the best job possible by keeping up with the latest technology and trends in the muffler world.

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At Harvey’s Muffler & Shocks, we’ve created a reputation for building speciality items which go beyond vehicular exhaust systems. We’ve risen to the challenge each time we receive a unique request. We can build almost anything you can think of out of pipes.

Our team, with their experience and creativity, has built distinctive exhaust and piping projects for everything from specialty work pipes for heavy duty equipment to exhaust heating systems for mining operations.

One of our most innovative projects was helping to develop a box heating system for a company’s winter sanding trucks. Using the heat created from exhaust, we simply rerouted the exhaust system through the truck box and restructured the mufflers to sit on the back of the rig at an upright 30 degree angle preventing the sand and salt inside from freezing to the box. It may have looked funny, but it proved to be a useful system and provided a better use of the sanding material.

Another undertaking found us building a custom exhaust system for a company’s water tanks to pre-heat the water needed for drilling in the winter. The hot water generated prevented the flushed out mud from freezing, allowing the drilling process to work more efficiently.

More recently Harvey’s Muffler completed four air purification exhaust systems for smelter machines in Kitimat. These machines work in an area with temperatures between 100 – 120°F. Along with the special air conditioning the facility needed air purification to make the job site safe and comfortable for its workers.

You don’t often find a muffler shop with the ability to create the machines we have. And by building them, we’ve not only developed our reputation to take on these large and unique tasks, but we’ve also enhanced our knowledge to help non-traditional customers.

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Mufflers and Parts Inventory
Mufflers and Parts Inventory